Hi, I'm Shoshana Rice, a journalist/photojournalist from Northbrook, IL. I graduated in May 2017 from the College of Wooster with a bachelors in English and an art studio minor (photography focus). My passions include traveling, creative non-fiction writing, the outdoors, Judaism, and art of every variety. I'm most fascinated and driven by the opportunities journalism provides to connect people, opening the minds of audiences to new places, people, cultures or events with which they may not have otherwise been familiar.

I've worked as a journalist and photojournalist for Timeout Israel, a photographer for the Danish Institute of Study Abroad, a photojournalist fellow in Uganda for a micro-finance organization for impoverished women, a newspaper photo editor and writer for my college paper, an event photographer for my sorority, and as a freelancer for an assortment of small projects. I've also completed a thesis project combining non-fiction storytelling, photography and theoretical/psychological inquiry to explore the nature of human perception.

Please check out some of my writing samples, I've investigated and written articles exploring a variety of unique shows, dance festivals, museums, bars, events, fashion lines, etc. I've also posted clips of some of my more creative non-fiction pieces, showcasing my style intertwining story telling with introspective questions. Also check out some of my photography, I've covered many interesting subjects from the orthodox Jewish community in Copenhagen, to inspiring impoverished single mothers in Ugandan slums, to small villages in West Virginia and southern France.

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